Til Death Do Us Part

'Til Death Do Us Part Adoption Program


Endless Love...

Our primary goal is to place the horses we save with responsible owners who will provide quality care for the rest of their lives. Because horses live well into their 30s, your relationship with your horse can be one of the longest, most fulfilling relationships of your life. If you feel the same, we may have a deal for you!

Half off adoption fee!

Do you keep your horses until they die? Can you prove that you provide exceptional care? If so, you may qualify for half off the adoption fee of select horses.


Following are the requirements to qualify for half off the adoption fee of select horses. You will be asked to provide a vet reference, as well as photographic and documentary proof.

Qualifying Horses

Qualifying Horses



If you understand and meet our adoption requirements.  and you believe you qualify for our ‘Til Death Do Us Part adoption program, shoot us a note with your questions.

Please note that adoption fees are not negotiable. We are not horse traders or brokers. We base our adoption fees on a careful assessment of the horse and the market. We’re confident our fees are fair, affordable, protective of the horse, and far less than what you would pay for a comparable horse that was lucky enough to not have an owner who allowed it to go to slaughter.

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