Swingin’ D Horse Rescue offers limited horse boarding and local transportation. We put your horse’s well being at the heart of everything we do. So, you can rest assured, we’ll love your horse like it’s our own.

Our horse boarding packages are suited to owners who take an active role with their trained and well-behaved horses. We’re limited on space and time, so we ask that our owners visit a minimum of twice a week. We don’t pick hooves. We don’t groom. We’re not a fancy boarding facility. We have 12 acres of lush pasture and our horses are the Happiest Herd in the Heartland!

Packages include access to shelter, grain feedings, farrier scheduling, de-wormer and more.

Swingin’ D provides nutritional grain to suit each individual horse’s body type, age and activity level. We’re happy to feed specialized grain for a nominal fee. Our healthy horses graze throughout the day, and we offer a dry lot for easy keepers prone to founder or digestive issues.

Horse Boarding Extras

To save you from slogging gear around every time you visit, we offer access to a few extras. We have halters, leads, bits, bridles, saddles, blankets and pads. Use as many or as few as you need as part of your boarding package.

Horse Boarding Services


Boarding Level Description Monthly Price
Boarding Level I Pasture with herd, grain once a day 250
Boarding Level II Pasture with herd, grain twice a day 300
Boarding Level III Level I + de-wormer + farrier setup 350
Boarding Level IV Level III + we pay farrier and stand with your horse 400
Boarding Deluxe All of the above + unlimited preferential tack rental 475
Quarantine Custom feed, meds, de-worm, vet, vaccines, farrier (we pay) 500


ITEM Description PER USE
Tack rental Halter, bridle, saddle and pad 30
Round pen Reserve use of the round pen for full or half days 15/half day
Blanketing Per blanket handling (on or off) 15
Farrier We catch and halter your horse and stand with farrier 25 + farrier
Veterinarian We catch and halter your horse and stand with horse 25
Unlimited All of the above, unlimited per month 120