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We’re not gonna lie. We love it when someone sends us money. It’s like Christmas every time we get a donation – any donation of any size! When people send us money, it tells us they trust us to do with it what we say we’re going to do. We’ve seen what you’ve seen in the rescue industry. Not everyone who takes your money is who they say they are. They don’t do what they say they’re going to do. We know that, when we say, “But, but, but…we’re really really honest,” it sounds the same coming out of our mouths as it does anyone else’s.

We can only encourage you to look at our Before and After videos and photos and check out our results. You don’t make sick, skinny horses healthy and well if you’re funneling donations to fancy cars and nights on the town. We do horses. We only do horses. It’s where all our money goes, and it’s where all your money goes when you donate.

You can also help us by purchasing merchandise from our online store. What we didn’t design ourselves, we received as donations or purchased and donated ourselves. Every penny from every item we sell goes right back into the rescue, so when you buy something fun for yourself or a loved one, you’re helping us save horses’ lives.