Surrender Your Horse Application

Before you give or sell your horse to a stranger, why not surrender your horse to a rescue? Many rescues face off against kill buyers at livestock auctions. You can save your horse the stress and save the rescue a lot of money if you can come to agreement on a fair price, which securing your horse’s future.

Interested in Horse Surrender Program
The following information helps us determine whether/where your horse will fit when space is available. The more answers you provide, the greater the likelihood of your horse being accepted. Our waiting list is prioritized by the horse's ability to integrate into the herd, fitness, previous record of care and adoptability.
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Even if we're unable to accept your horse right away, we may still be able to help find him or her a home. Horses placed through Swingin' D require an application, screening, references and a contract. Any adoption fees collected go to Swingin' D Horse Rescue.
Please estimate to the best of your ability the date you either purchased, adopted, or received the horse you wish to surrender.
What is the gender of the horse you may surrender?

Screening Questions

Skill level of the horse you may surrender (check all that apply)
Temperament of the horse you may surrender (check all that apply)
Please check all conditions that apply or that you suspect may apply.

Care Questions

Vaccines Administered

Unable to Proceed

We are unable to accept your horse at this time.

Swingin' D is a small, all-volunteer operation with limited space and shelter. Because we have taken in so many unwanted horses that will never find homes, we are financially and physically unable to accept additional horses that are not likely to be adopted.

Adopters looking for "the perfect horse" come to us with a list of preferences: Calm, well trained, ready to ride and in good physical condition. The sad fact is that imperfect horses, through no fault of their own, fill kill pens throughout the country, and provide a steady stream of meat to processing plants in Mexico and Canada.

Owners can make their horses more desirable (and less likely to be slaughtered) by investing time and money into routine care, socializing and training the horse to lead a productive life.

Other Options

We understand very well how expensive horses are. We pay $2,500 per year (minimum, each) for horses no one will ever want. We know that not everyone has the time to devote to caring for a horse.

To accept your horse into our surrender program, we would need to provide extraordinary resources for veterinary, farriery or training. If you agree to sponsoring the horse's expenses for six months, we may be able to find space with a foster or boarding facility until it's fit for adoption.

If your horse is unadoptable because it cannot be ridden, we can post him or her on our website and social media as a companion horse.

Please let us know which option (if any) interests you.