Horse Tips

We at Swingin’ D Horse Rescue have picked up some helpful horse tips along the way. There’s always more to learn, but we’re happy to share what we do know. Please look through this section for information on Oklahoma laws, equine resources, horse care and more.

Helpful Horse Tips: Rule Number One

The first lesson we learned: Everyone in the horse industry knows more than us (or you). If you haven’t already learned Rule #1, just post something horsey on social media or YouTube! The experts come out of the woodwork to tell you how wrong you are and how little you know. That’s not what this page is about.

Founder Tami Marler and her husband, Danny Elliott (the “D” in Swingin’ D), care for 10 to 12 rescued horses at a time. Volunteers, trainers, veterinarians and other horse experts teach them something new every day. How to tie quick-release knots, how to mix grain without breaking your back, how to get a spooky horse to trust you… So many lessons, and so many more to learn.

Helpful Horse Tips: Take What You Like. Leave the Rest

We hope you learn something new, or at least that you have a good time reading and watching! If you see something you like, feel free to pass it along. Disregard the rest.

If you have helpful horse tips you’d like to share, please send  us a message!