Alfred – 18-year-old SB


Big, respectful, experienced Gentleman

Adopt handsome Alfred with a $925 adoption fee


Experienced, respectful, ready to go

  • 17-year-old gaited gelding
  • 16 hands
  • Great feet, freshly trimmed
  • Well broke to ride, retired harness racer
  • Calm, level-headed and smart
  • Stands for farrier, vet, grooming or whatever else you ask
  • Tends to be a follower
  • Easy to catch, halter and tack
  • Insecure at feeding time
  • Up to date on vaccines, dental

Ready to adopt a horse? Alfred came to us with a bigger head than his starved, bag-of-bones body. His majestic Roman nose made him one homely beast when he arrived from the kill pen; but we knew the gentle giant (about 16 hands) would come around. Talk about a gentle spirit and huge heart! Alfred has already gained a good 300 pounds, and with a little more meat on his bones, he’s going to be a stunner.

With the help of Save Our Standardbreds from Slaughter (SOSS), a 501C3 that saves former racing standardbreds, we saved this beautiful black harness racer in September 2018.

If, after you’ve read the required adoption contract, you’re interested in adopting Alfred, contact us today.

Some horses name themselves

But, why "Alfred"?

Because he was so polite, quiet and gentle, he reminded us of a lumbering proper butler from Downton’s Abbey or some old English estate. “Alfred!” We shouted in unison, after the butler in my husband’s favorite action hero series. So, that’s how Alfred shed his racehorse past and was reborn with a new name.

The sweetest thing was to see Alfred take care of Raven when she arrived a week behind him. As starved and emaciated as he was, he made sure Raven was able to eat first (he still does), even though he’s clearly the dominant horse. If anyone approaches Raven, Alfred puts himself between them, then moves out of the way once he sees she’s safe. It’s remarkable how he protects her.

Alfred is still too thin to saddle, but we’re sure he’s well broke to ride because of how he acts on the ground. If, after you read our adoption contract, you feel you’d like to adopt Alfred, please let us know here.

alfred heart raven

True love runs deep

Alfred came to the ‘D a week ahead of Raven. From the day he arrived, he was gentle respectful on the ground and easy to handle. When Save Our Standardbreds from Slaughter (SOSS) asked if we could take in another gelding, Alfred had made our jobs so easy, we said yes. 

It was only when we picked up Sam’s Token at the lot that we learned she was a mare. By that time, we were committed, and the spark of true love was lit shortly after. From the moment Raven arrived at the ‘D, Alfred has been hopelessly devoted. They survived the same kill pen together, quarantined together, got their teeth floated and vaccines together, and live and sleep together. 

They’ve been through enough; so our preference is to keep them together. Anyone who can offer both a home can adopt the pair for less than $1,500.

We're so proud of how far Alfred has come since September