Big ol' gentle work in progress

Of all the horses for adoption in the world, Alfred may not be the fanciest. In fact, that big ol’ jug head and Roman nose on his bag of bones body made Alfred one homely beast when he arrived. But talk about a gentle spirit and huge heart! Like every horse we save, Alfred is growing in to his beauty. A little meat on his bones with return him to the majestic creature he once was.

Sometimes horses name themselves. That was the case with Alfred. He arrived with the name his previous owner gave him, along with the freeze brand that, oddly enough, made Alfred their property for life. We couldn’t wait to dump that owner and those memories for good, so we renamed him.

Because he was so polite, quiet and gentle, he reminded us of a lumbering proper butler from Downton’s Abbey or some other old English estate. “Alfred!” We shouted in unison, after the butler in my husband’s favorite action hero series.


The sweetest thing was to see Alfred take care of Raven when she arrived a week behind him. As starved and emaciated as he was, he made sure Raven was able to eat first (he still does), even though he’s clearly the dominant horse. If anyone approaches Raven, Alfred puts himself between them, then moves out of the way once he sees she’s safe. It’s remarkable how he protects her.

Alfred is still too thin to saddle, but we’re sure he’s well broke to ride because of how he acts on the ground. If, after you read our adoption contract, you feel you’d like to adopt Alfred, please let us know here.

Ask about our "Adopt One, Get One for Half Adoption Fee" for Alfred and Raven!