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501c3 Discount!

If you’re a 501C3 in good standing, you get ridiculous discounts, and we’ll help you set up your online store with custom products.



Technically, they’re all new arrivals, but browse through our styles anyway. Don’t be afraid to ask for custom branding.



Purchases over $50 get free shipping to one destination. And you’re saving horses’ lives to boot!



We’ll build a robust single-page website for an obscenely low price as part of our goal of saving America’s unwanted horses.

Shopping Categories

Our categories are growing every day. If you have an idea for product sales you think would help save horses, let us know!

Must-Have Items!

501C3 Rescue Discount and More

We want ALL legitimate horse rescues to thrive, so we offer a deep discount to horse rescues that can prove their 501C3 status. Once we verify you are a legal entity in good standing through GuideStar, Charity Navigator or your state’s Secretary of State, we’ll give you merchandise at just above our cost.

And that’s not all! We’ll help you design your own brand so you can customize products to sell to your own supporters.

Go to our Beauty to the Rescue section for more services designed to help horse rescuers succeed.

Web development

Check out our pre-built landing pages for a cost-effective way to stake your claim on your online real estate.

Logo design

Everyone needs a brand. Let us set you up with one of our pre-designed logos, or help you design a brand of your own.

Fundraiser Products

Not everyone believes in donating to a worthy cause, but everyone loves cool stuff. Tie your brand to cool stuff.

*Only the website displayed below, and only for rescues that can prove their current, legitimate, taxpaying 501c3 status. Contact us for regular pricing.

In today’s speed-of-now technology, a website is as important as a cellphone or business card. It’s how prospective volunteers and donors find your horse rescue. Our Beauty to the Rescue program is designed to support horse rescues through merchandising and digital marketing.

This website is the template for the basic website we’re offering for $200. Only rescues that can prove their current 501c3 status are eligible for this deal, but we also have great pricing for other equine organizations. Interested? Let us know!

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