Adoption Contract

Golden Emblem 2014 Mare

Adoption fee: $1100

Golden Emblem was foaled in 2014. She’s a gorgeous tattooed thoroughbred mare that never appeared to race. 

Golden Emblem is broke to ride, and fit for an intermediate to experienced rider. She’s currently with a foster in Sperry, OK. 


Adoption Contract

All Swingin’ D adoptions require an adoption contract. Before you fall in love with one of our horses, please spend some time reading over the horse adoption contract below. When you’re certain you can agree to our terms, select a horse and start the process with a quick message!

Horse Adoption Contract

Instructions for filling out Adoption Contract

For best results, follow the instructions below for submitting your adoption contract.

  1. Click on this link to open PDF
  2. Download the form to your computer
  3. Open the form in Adobe
  4. Complete the form, saving as you go
  5. Once complete, save the form and click on Submit, or attach it to an email to

Foster Program for Special Needs or Hard to Adopt Horses

Please note that the Foster Program mentioned in the horse adoption contract is only available to special needs horses. Because we’re totally transparent about our horses, you’ll know if your horse qualifies long before contract time.

Rarely, a horse we’ve rescued needs to be placed with a specific type of owner. We recognize there’s a good possibility the relationship won’t work, so we agree to allow the adopter to “try out” the horse for 30 days. The adopter may choose to adopt the horse at the end of the trial period, or return the horse without refund. The foster fee covers the cost of boarding and care for the horse during the 30-day period.

We do not offer the foster program for most of our horses. The majority are ready to be placed with most any rider.

Owning a horse is not a decision you should enter lightly. We recommend you weigh all the pros and cons before you take the plunge into horse ownership. If you’re looking for your first horse, you might think about leasing one of our rescues for a few months. That way, you can get a feel for what it takes to own a horse, without the up-front cost and commitment.