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“Horses for Sale.” It’s the first horse-related term you see when you hit the space bar after typing the word “horse” into Google’s search field. That means it’s the most often searched term in the world’s most powerful search engine. And that’s just the beginning of America’s horse problem.

With more horses for sale than there are responsible owners, America has created a dirty little secret that leads to tens of thousands of slaughtered horses every year.

Welcome to Swingin’ D Horse Rescue

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Jake and Elvis were our first two rescues. Starved and terrified when they arrived, they’re healthy and happy, grazing at Swingin’ D Horse Rescue in Coweta.

Swingin’ D Horse Rescue believes horses in America deserve to live and die with the dignity they’ve earned. Since the 1400s, when Spanish explorers roamed the plains on horseback, horses have been part the American fabric. They helped to discover and build this great nation. So how could we allow as many as 130,000 to be transported across foreign borders to be slaughtered for their meat?

Swingin’ D was founded to tackle that problem on multiple fronts. First, we educate the public about the plight of unwanted horses in America. Studies show as many as 170,000 horses go unwanted each year. That’s why we see so many going to slaughter in Mexico and Canada.

Second, we advocate for responsible horse ownership. Horses are expensive and time consuming, and too many people are too consumed with the idea of owning a horse to calculate the costs. Horse owners should plan to spend between $2,400 and $4,500 per year on everything from feed to tack to veterinary care. Horses can also be prone to injury. One emergency vet visit can suddenly cost you $500 or more. Too many horses wind up on kill lots because their owners couldn’t afford their care.

Third, we expose charlatans and animal abusers who prey upon the good hearts of horse rescuers and donors. Horse slaughter and rescue are totally unregulated industries, and evil people come out of the woodwork, knowing they can get away with it. We provide tips and training on how to avoid being a victim.

Finally, we save horses from the slaughter pipeline and ensure they go to good homes with responsible owners.

Help Us Help Horses

One person and one rescue isn’t going to solve the problem of unwanted horses in America. It’s going to take a concerted campaign of education and action. If you learn something on our website, please share it far and wide.Working together, we may be able to make a dent in the problem of too many horses for sale in America.

Working together, we may be able to make a dent in the problem of too many horses for sale in America.



At Swingin’ D Horse Rescue, we’re committed to saving horses from neglectful or abusive situations that force them into the slaughter pipeline.

Swingin’ D Horse Rescue – What we do

We accept surrendered horses or horses bailed from kill pens. Swingin’ D Horse Rescue nurses them back to health, evaluates and trains them, then adopts them to responsible owners. We require contracts for all adoptions. New owners commit to making their horse(s) the center of their world, and ensuring their protection and comfort forever.

Swingin’ D Horse Rescue – Why we do it

We believe horses are sentient beings, capable of learning, trust and love. Horses that have been trained to serve humans deserve a life of usefulness, where they can be productive, cherished and pampered.

Be sure to bookmark our website so you can keep up with updates about our horses and our rescue operation. There’s much more to come!

BO AND AUBREY – Not rescued. Just spoiled.

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Dirty little secret

Shortly after we gave each other these magnificent Christmas gifts, we learned about the tragedy of American horses – like Bo and Aubrey – sold dirt cheap at auction so people in other countries. It’s illegal in America, but in other countries, people slap horse meat between two pieces of bread and eat them.

When the U.S. shut down horse slaughterhouses in 2007, a new industry exploded, with the help of social media. Today, an estimated 100,000 to 130,000 American horses are shipped across the border to Mexican and Canadian slaughterhouses. The USDA estimates 92 percent of them are perfectly healthy.

Think about that. More than 90,000 horses like Aubrey and Bo are sent to the most inhumane death imaginable by the owners they trusted and served. But hey, we’re not doing it in America anymore, right? We’re just enabling it in other countries.

This new, unregulated industry attracts charlatans, crooks and animal abusers who travel around the country, stealing from generous donors, and starving, injuring and even killing horses.

Our goal is for every horse to feel loved and valued – like Bo and Aubrey. Our love for them is the reason we started this horse rescue.

DANNY AND TAMI – Swingin’ D Horse Rescue Founders

Danny Elliott and Tami Marler, Horse Rescue FoundersSwingin’ D Horse Rescue was founded by a former Miss Oklahoma and television news anchor and her police detective husband. They learned about the horrors of horse slaughter through social media. Tami began bailing horses from kill lots through Facebook brokers. Always Tami’s staunchest supporter, Danny jumped right in, mucking manure and tending the ranch.

Tami and Danny also advocate for responsible horse ownership. Both investigators at heart, they’ve collaborated to expose criminals in the horse rescue industry. They worked with law enforcement in multiple jurisdictions to investigate a woman accused of abusing animals and stealing from donors. They also share tips for proper horse care, as well as lessons learned in horse rescue.



Tami Marler earned her MBA from the University of Tulsa. She was Miss Oklahoma in 1989 and won a talent award and placed in the top 10 at the 1990 Miss America Pageant.

After her pageant days, Tami won numerous awards as an investigative journalist for the Tulsa CBS affiliate where she anchored the news for over a decade.

Tami has also run several companies and departments in industries ranging from medicine to technology. As president of Marler & Associates, Tami helps businesses develop plans to communicate through crises. She also builds websites and consults in marketing and PR.

In addition to all of her official duties, Tami acts as legal guardian and caregiver for her stepfather (who helped raise her), who suffers from Alzheimer’s.



Danny Elliott is a detective with the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office. When he’s not Chief Mucker for the horse rescue, he solves major crimes and cold cases. One of his murder cases was recently featured on an episode of ID Channel’s Swamp Murders. Tami also appeared in the episode. She was a journalist at the time, reporting on the disappearance and murder of the Broken Arrow teenager.

Danny also has years of experience in mortgage banking. He still has quite a following after traveling the country for 10 years as the lead singer of a Christian rock band.

Our Horses

The horses we save from slaughter are available for adoption after a minimum 30-day quarantine and evaluation. Adopters are required to sign a contract that guarantees quality care, safe keeping and use, and that the horse never again enters the slaughter pipeline.


Swingin’ D Horse Rescue offers limited horse boarding and local transportation. We put your horse’s well being at the heart of everything we do. So you can rest assured, we’ll love your horse like it’s our own.

Our horse boarding packages are suited to owners who take an active role with their trained and well-behaved horses. We’re limited on space and time, so we ask that our owners visit a minimum of twice a week. We don’t pick hooves. We don’t groom. We’re not a fancy boarding facility. We have 12 acres of lush pasture and our horses are the Happiest Herd in the Heartland!

Packages include access to shelter, grain feedings, farrier scheduling, de-wormer and more.

Swingin’ D provides nutritional grain to suit each individual horse’s body type, age and activity level. Our healthy horses graze throughout the day, and we offer a dry lot for easy keepers prone to founder or digestive issues.

Horse Boarding Services

Boarding Level Description Monthly Price
Boarding Level I Pasture with herd, grain once a day 250
Boarding Level II Level I + de-wormer + farrier setup 300
Boarding Level III Level II + we pay farrier and stand with your horse 375
Boarding Level IV Level I + extra feeding + de-wormer 375
Quarantine Custom feed, meds, de-worm, vet, vaccines, farrier (we pay) 500


ITEM Description PER USE
Tack rental Halter, bridle, saddle and pad 30
Round pen Reserve use of the round pen for full or half days 25/half day
Blanketing Per blanket handling (on or off) 20
Farrier We catch and halter your horse and stand with farrier 35
Veterinarian We catch and halter your horse and stand with horse 35


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