A healthy horse can live to 35 or more
Too many horse owners don't think about the lifespan of the horse they're about to buy. Horses can live into their 30s.
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91% of slaughter pipeline horses starved, emaciated
The vast majority of horses Swingin' D has saved from the corrupt, corrosive slaughter pipeline have been alarmingly thin.
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100% of horses deserve a chance
We have yet to encounter a horse that deserves the fate of an execution in hell. Every horse deserves an opportunity to learn and grow to its fullest potential. You can help.
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From slaughter to sanctuary to Happily Ever After.

Our volunteers help us provide the highest possible level of care for the horses we save. We always need help mucking, grooming, bathing, feeding, walking, shopping for feed and mixing grain. Experienced horse people help us with evaluating and training. If administration is more up your alley, we need help organizing volunteers, for starters! We could also use help with social media, marketing, fundraising, bookkeeping and other office duties.

Swingin’ D Horse Rescue is a 501(c)3 private operating foundation. Donations made to our rescue – whether in the form of cash, land, tools, grain or other benefits – are tax deductible. We also have shopping lists published at our favorite farm supply stores for those who prefer to know exactly where your money is going. We provide the highest quality intensive care and training to the horses we save. The more we collect in donations, the higher level of care we can provide.

Check out our impressive horses available for foster, lease and adoption. One of our primary tenets is responsible horse ownership, so we require a contract any time a horse leaves Swingin’ D. It’ nothing personal. If you’re a responsible adopter, you won’t even feel the difference. If you’re someone who changes horses as often as you change toothbrushes, this probably isn’t the place for you. But if you’re hoping to connect with  your soul horse, you may have come to the right place!

Swingin’ D Horse Rescue believes horses deserve to live and die with the dignity they’ve earned. Since the 1400s, when Spanish explorers roamed the plains on horseback, horses have been part the American fabric. They helped to discover and build this great nation. So how could we allow so many to be hauled across foreign borders and slaughtered for their meat? Swingin’ D was founded to draw attention to the travesty and tragedy of horse slaughter, and to save as many horses as we can from a terrible fate.

Our Mission:

Choke off the corrupt, corrosive slaughter pipeline at both ends - by creating more responsible horse owners through education and training; and reducing the number of unwanted horses by advocating for restricted breeding and mandatory gelding.

America's Unwanted Horse Problem

“Horses for Sale” is the most often searched horse-related term in the world’s most powerful search engine. More than 5,000 people search for “free horses” every month. And that’s just the beginning of America’s horse problem. The gap between the number of horses in the U.S. and the number of qualified horse owners is growing, thanks to irresponsible breeders and the federal government’s efforts to round up and domesticate wild mustangs.

That gap keeps America’s slaughter pipeline bursting at the seams, and inundates rescues with starved, sick, elderly and barely-trained rejects in need of intensive care and love.

Welcome to Swingin' D Horse Rescue

Swingin’ D Horse Rescue believes horses deserve to live and die with the dignity they’ve earned. Since the 1400s, when Spanish explorers roamed the plains on horseback, horses have been part the American fabric. They helped to discover and build this great nation. They deserve more than to be bred for human sport and entertainment, then overworked, abused, starved and neglected until the final betrayal and exploitation of foreign slaughter. 

We hope you’ll join Swingin’ D in being their voice.

Every Horse Deserves to Know Success

Keep up with the horses we rescue from slaughter and nurse back to health in our Success Stories section. “Success” at the ‘D might mean keeping a horse out of the slaughter pipeline. Sometimes success is offering sanctuary; other times, it’s socializing a hopeless horse. The ultimate success is adoption of a formerly-doomed horse to its soul human. Whether the horses we rescue find their human match, or they find sanctuary here with us, the stories of their journey out of hell warm the soul.


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