The Ghosts – Romeo and Everest

Available only as a pair - Romeo and Everest, the Ghosts

It scares me how many people search online for free horses. They have to be the most expensive companions on the planet. Saved from slaughter in December 2017, Romeo and Everest arrived at the ‘D in the dark of night. Their coloring was so light, they glowed in the dark, like ghosts. From that day on, we referred to them as either The Ghosts, or Frick and Frack.

Romeo and Everest have been deeply bonded since the day they arrived (we were told they came from the same ranch). They move in tandem, almost as though they worked as a team, but we have no way of knowing for sure.

Romeo (the palomino) is the brains of the operation. Everest (the grey) is the brawn and personality.

This is one of many videos that showcases their hilarious personalities. They discover what fun it is to play in the sprinkler on a sweltering hot Oklahoma summer day. Everest will go to great lengths to get his naughty bits sprayed! We love our Ghosts, so they’ll only go to the perfect human.

Romeo and Everest will only be adopted together, and only to an owner who will sign an adoption contract. If, after reading our adoption contract, you’re interested in fostering, leasing or adoption the Ghosts, please contact us here.