Shopping Lists

Properly caring for a horse is expensive, and at any given time, Swingin’ D has up to a dozen horses in our care. Your donations help us to provide a higher level of care, and give them a better life while they wait for their Soul Human. We never want to be in a position where we’re desperate  to “move” horses. We appreciate being able to take our time finding a horse’s perfect adopter.

The best way to know your donation goes directly to the horse, is to shop for their needs. Swingin’ D Horse Rescue is always in need of the following items, which directly benefit our horses:

  • Grain
  • Prairie or Bermuda Hay
  • Bermuda, Orchard or Brome Grass Seed
  • Plastic Trash Barrels
  • Red E-Coat Horse Panel
  • Large Halters
  • Lead Ropes
  • Senior Feed Supplement

To make it easy and convenient for our horses’ fans, we’ve put together some shopping lists. You buy the item online, and the store will do the rest! Either they’ll ship it to us or we’ll go to the nearest store and pick it up. Either way, you’re doing our horses a huge favor, covering their necessities so we can provide them with veterinary care, farrier, training and other expenses that will help us secure their futures.

We find great deals at Tractor Supply, but your favorite farm store will carry many of the same items on our Wish List. Our horses can’t tell where the grain comes from. All they’re concerned about is where it’s going!

We’ve also put together a list at where we get free shipping on our Prime account.

You can search the lists for something in your price range (starting at under $10!), make the online purchase, and help our horses. Every donation makes a difference, so never be concerned that your contributions are not enough!