Beauty to the Rescue

Golden Emblem 2014 Mare

Adoption fee: $1100

Golden Emblem was foaled in 2014. She’s a gorgeous tattooed thoroughbred mare that never appeared to race. 

Golden Emblem is broke to ride, and fit for an intermediate to experienced rider. She’s currently with a foster in Sperry, OK. 


Beauty to the Rescue

Make your quest for perfection pay off for horses

You are beautiful – inside and out. You’re constantly striving to improve yourself and the world around you. You feed your spirit through your compassion and kindness. What if that quest for improvement – personal and professional – could help save the lives of the horses we love so much? That’s the idea behind Beauty to the Rescue. It’s a rescue program for rescues and rescuers. Like all our products and services, 100 percent of proceeds go into horse rescue.

Image of boats on a harbor

“A rising tide lifts all ships,” so what if we can make the entire horse rescue community more successful? Individually, we struggle to survive – spending our own money and resources to save as many horses as we can. In our hearts, we know we’re not even making a dent in the overall problem of unwanted horses in America.

What if we could make all legitimate rescues more successful? What if every rescue had the tools they needed to reach the public? A thousand successful horse rescues can save far more horses than one successful rescue alone. Together, we might just solve the slaughter problem!

So in a way, Swingin’ D is not just here to rescue horses; we’re here to rescue rescues and their rescuers. Set aside your natural (wise) instinct to believe this is too good to be true. Take a look around and imagine the possibilities.

501C3 Rescue Discount and More

We want ALL legitimate horse rescues to thrive, so we offer a deep discount to horse rescues that can prove their 501C3 status. Once we verify you are a legal entity in good standing through GuideStar, Charity Navigator or your state’s Secretary of State, we’ll give you merchandise at just above our cost. And that’s not all!

If your rescue needs help with marketing and merchandising services, answer a few questions so we can get started!

Our marketing services

Web development

Check out our pre-built landing pages for a cost-effective way to stake your claim on your online real estate.

Logo design

Everyone needs a brand. Let us set you up with one of our pre-designed logos, or help you design a brand of your own.

Fundraiser Products

Not everyone believes in donating to a worthy cause, but everyone loves cool stuff. Tie your brand to cool stuff.

Our own experience is that we barely have enough time in the day to physically care for the horses we rescue, so who has the time to do all the marketing and branding it takes to help a rescue succeed? You excel at saving and rehabilitating horses, and there are plenty of horses that need your skills. Who has time to learn how to make websites, design logos, or even send information to our donors and volunteers?

We’re pretty good at graphic design, website design, copy writing and search engine optimization. Because we are a struggling horse rescue, we understand you could never pay a professionals to put together a marketing package on a struggling rescue’s budget. We’ll set you up with a logo, website and merchandise at startup prices you can afford. What does that mean? 

Choose from a pre-designed logo for $50

If you choose a pre-designed logo, we’ll ad your rescue’s name and your desired tagline. We’ll package your logos in files for online and print sharing and you’re free to use them however you wish for $50.

We'll custom design your logo for $100

If you have an idea of how you’d like your logo to look and feel, we’ll design a custom logo starting at $100. If design work exceeds two hours, our per-hour design fee is $75. We’ll keep you posted on our progress so that you’ll know as early as possible if your design will exceed the minimum.

Let us help with merchandising

You already know how difficult it is to get donations. And who could blame people? With so many scammers and criminals lurking  in the horse rescue industry, it’s impossible for anyone to trust that we’re not all the same. Why take a chance? 

But supporters might feel differently about purchasing products they can use for themselves or give away as gifts – especially if they knew their money was going toward saving horses.

Choose from the pre-designed t-shirts below, or let us help you set up designs of your own. All you pay is a setup fee to put your own brand on the merchandise. Purchase as many items as you need at our cost plus a small percentage, then you sell to your supporters at whatever price you set.

In today’s speed-of-now technology, a website is as important as a cellphone or business card. It’s how prospective volunteers and donors find your horse rescue. Our Beauty to the Rescue program is designed to support horse rescues through merchandising and digital marketing.

This website is the template for the basic website we’re offering for $200. Only rescues that can prove their current 501c3 status are eligible for this deal, but we also have great pricing for other equine organizations. Interested? Let us know!