Everyone’s seeking perfect
But I never got the chance
Before that final verdict
That changed my circumstance

You thought it would be so much fun
To have a baby running ’round
But when my growth had just begun
You sold me by the pound

Trapped on a morbid carousel
Changing hand to hand to hand
Each hand a terrifying hell
I fought to understand

The carousel grinds to a halt
My fate is finally sealed
My lack of skills – my fatal fault
Cute babyhood no more my shield

What could I have ever done
To earn the fate I’m dealt?
The violent death of butcher’s gun
All promise forever squelched

But you – the author of my fate
Dictate birth and life and death;
And now, my worth is just my weight
That prompts my dying breath

I could’ve – would’ve – carried you
To soaring, thrilling heights
Because you failed to follow through
I’ll never know such sweet delights

Perfection was never in my cards
But not for lack of will
Blame your dearth of faith and heart
For my promise unfulfilled

I’m not perfect, of course it’s true
But how could I advance?
My imperfection rests on you
I never had a chance

Swingin’ D Horse Rescue sees so many horses whose owners failed to follow through – either with medical care, training, hoof care or just basic maintenance.

It’s not the horses’ fault they were born. It’s certainly not their fault they weren’t trained, fed or cared for. But here they are – living, breathing, knowing beings – dumped like trash, and undesirable to anyone seeking to buy a horse. Why? Because horse ownership is hard enough with a perfect horse. Imperfection takes time and commitment most people just don’t have.

So, should we slaughter horses because they’re not perfect?

Would you let someone eat your dog?

“But, they’re just animals,” you may think.

I can assure you, once you spend a little time with horses, you realize they’re so much more.

Think of why you love your dog or cat. They have personalities, right? They learn, perform and even serve. They become part of your daily life – part of your family.

Horses are truly no different. I could literally go on for days about each of our horses‘ little quirks and foibles. Like how Bo and Winston have to inspect absolutely everything – ensuring it’s safe for the herd; and if they determine it’s both safe and entertaining, they make themselves an active part of the project until it’s finished. Or, how Aubrey – ever the efficient (lazy) mover – cranes her neck to look back over her giant booty rather than expend energy to turn to face you with the Mare Glare. (But she will deliver the Mare Glare.) Or how Romeo doesn’t want you to know he’s fascinated by you, so he nonchalantly turns up wherever you are, just to be near you – like it’s a coincidence. Or how Everest loves to have his bottom scratched; so he casually and ever-so-slowly turns his body to deposit his rear just where you can reach it. Or how Anastasia screams with excitement every time she hears me open the front door. She’s Pavlov’s Dog and I’m the bell (her mouth waters with anticipation as soon as she sees me.) Or how Mazi flings her head and prances about with her tail held high whenever she gets what she wants – her happy dance when she feels like she’s really accomplished something.

The point is, they each have unique personalities. How do you slaughter something with a personality?

Now, think of someone offering you $15 to let them eat your dog. Imagine your dog’s confusion, terror and sense of betrayal as his new owner leads him away from you (and to his brutal death). If you have other dogs, imagine the confusion, sadness and longing of your dog’s four-legged mates if you sold him for slaughter.

It’s unfathomable, right? Yet we’re perfectly fine with perpetrating the same betrayal on horses that develop just as profound bonds with humans and their horse families. (Don’t even get me started about horses forming familial bonds.)

From prey to partner

Think of what it takes for a horse to go from being the prey animal their DNA shapes them to be – to gaining enough trust for a human, they tolerate being bound and gagged with the hide of their fellow livestock (a cow’s leather).

As if that’s not enough proof of the horse’s trust, he then allows a human that once terrified him to climb on his back and move him around. Once a horse allows you to move his feet around, he – all 1,200 pounds of muscle and power – has completely surrendered to you.

I’ll never forget the first time I rode Winston. When he arrived from the kill pen as a baby, I became his human mama (Aubrey was his horse mama); so even though he probably wanted to push me around and take off with his horse buddies, he was respectful and patient.

I could almost feel his inner conflict: “Do I take off and act a fool? Naw, this is Mama! Better be cool with Mama.” That takes trust and respect.

I’ve never raised a hand to Winston (or any other horse), so he has no reason to serve me out of fear. He trusts me and knows from experience I’m not going to hurt him or lead him into danger. What kind of bond does that require?

These are just a few examples of how horses are not just animals. They’re companions, partners and servants who can learn, adapt and achieve; but they don’t just pop out of the womb as such. It takes time and commitment to help them progress toward perfection.

That’s what we do here at Swingin’ D. We give  imperfect beings the tools they need to meet their full potential, bringing them as close as we can to that Perfect Horse most people seek.

What you can do

It seems I’m always asking you to donate, but there are other ways you can help. If you don’t have money to give, you can give something even more valuable – your voice.

The SAFE Act would make it illegal to slaughter horses for human consumption, and would halt the horrific practice of transporting horses across the border for slaughter. Please contact members of Congress and tell them to protect our food supply AND protect horses from the horrific road to slaughter.

The SAFE Act (HR 113) is languishing in congressional committees and needs a groundswell of public support to motivate action.

Here’s more info from The Animal Welfare Institute. Text of the resolution is in the post. https://awionline.org/…/safeguard-american-food-exports-saf…

Senator James M. Inhofe (R- OK)

Senator James Lankford

Representative Jim Bridenstine (R – 01)

Representative Markwayne Mullin (R – 02)

Representative Frank Lucas (R – 03)

Representative Tom Cole (R – 04)

Representative Steve Russell (R – 05)