Winston – Born 2017


Well-Started, One-of-a-kind Gaited Gelding

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There's not another horse like winston

Personality plus! Winston is a one-of-a-kind, gaited champagne gelding that fears nothing and loves everything and everyone. He’s off to a strong start under saddle, and remembers his ground work when you get him in the round pen. This precious boy has the brains and ability to be and do whatever you wish.

If you’re looking for a best friend that can carry you around on his back, that’s Winston. At his young age, he’s been around gunfire and fireworks, swinging ropes, children, dogs and other distractions. He’s torn between being with humans and running with the herd.

In the herd, he’s the boss’ apprentice – playful but respectful; never aggressive but always on top of the action. He’ll follow you around like a puppy whether you’re driving a tractor or digging a post hole. (If you don’t want to be “Winstoned”, you might want to put him in a stall while you work.)

Winston has a hilarious personality, always the first to the party and eager to assist. He’ll have no trouble learning any type of riding discipline. He comes to you wherever you are, so catching him is easy peasy. If you walk out to the pasture to catch a horse (any horse) Winston will chase you down and try to stick his head into the halter. He’d buckle it himself if he had thumbs.

Fast as lightning, smooth as silk

Winston’s the fastest horse on the ranch, with a fancy gait that will make your ride as smooth as silk. Think we’re exaggerating about his speed? Take a look at the video we shot of him joining the herd for the first time!

Winston was in quarantine in a pen where he had no room to run for a few months, so he couldn’t wait to take off running with the herd. First, we introduced him one-on-one to herd members over several days. Then, we escorted him around the pasture fence line and showed him all the potential hazards. But once we let him off his lead, he took off like lightning! Even Bo, the herd boss, was in Winston’s dust.

Winston’s speed and agility make him an excellent prospect for all kinds of riding disciplines, and his intelligence and willingness to learn make him a true diamond in the rough.

We have no doubt, Winston is destined for great things.

Only the very best

Winston has been with us since he was a terrified, wild baby. We taught him how to trust and respect humans, and with the help of the herd, we taught him how to be a horse. We helped his spirit find its spark as he grew from hopeless to limitless.

The thought of adopting Winston out feels almost like giving away one of our children, but we know we need to let him go to someone who can help him reach his full potential.

Winston is not just any horse, so he won’t just go to any old person who’s looking for a horse. We will only consider adopting him to the perfect approved home. In addition to our adoption requirements, we will ensure his adopter believes in natural horsemanship, that they understand Winston’s amazing potential, and that they’ll help him develop into the horse and companion he was destined to become.

If, after you’ve read our adoption contract, you think that home is yours, contact us here.

You might get the impression Winston is kind of spoiled...

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