Swingin' D Adoption Agreement

Legal agreements are typically the result of experiences with the worst kinds of people - those who deal dishonestly, enter into agreements frivolously, and fail to provide adequate care for their animals. The following agreement is an amalgamation of contracts from multiple rescue agencies that place the welfare of animals above all else.

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Agreement terms include the date of the adoption, the adoption fee and foster terms.
Adopters agree to not use the horse for breeding.

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What happens if you want to get rid of the horse?
Are there any limitations on how I can use the horse? Adopters also agree to a minimum standard of care for their new horse.

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Swingin' D reserves the right to monitor the adoption to ensure our horses are safe and well cared for. The agreement allows us to request updates, photos, information and vet records.
Legal fees arising from disputes over the care of the horse will be paid by the adopter.

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Indemnification and hold harmless clause. 
Signatures and dates.