Swingin' D Horse Rescue

From slaughter, to sanctuary, to happily ever after.

Saving Horses from Slaughter

Americans revere horses as part of our heritage. From the 1400s, when Spanish explorers roamed the plains, horses have been part the American fabric. They helped to discover and build this great nation. We become their trusted leaders, and train them to work, perform and produce. Horses follow us because they believe we're leaders of the herd - that we'll protect them. So how do some humans end that trust by selling their faithful horse to a kill buyer for a few hundred bucks? Here at Swingin' D, we believe horses deserve better.


Our horses graze on a 12-acre pasture in Coweta, Oklahoma, with a barn and two sheds to protect them from the elements. They have access to fresh trough water, changed daily, plus a pond where they can romp on the beach on warm days. Their grazing is supplemented with grains appropriate to their weight, breed and needs.

Happily Ever After

Swingin' D advocates for responsible ownership, so we require adopters to sign a contract that commits them to a lifetime of care. Our adoption contracts ensure our horses never again are betrayed by the humans they trust. When they come to us, they must feel like they've died and gone to heaven. We'll never allow them to feel terror or hopelessness again.
  • "You'll never find anyone who loves and cares for horses like the rescuers at Swingin' D - the happiest herd in the heartland!"
    DANNY, coweta, oklahoma
  • "The owners of Swingin' D have an unmatched passion for rescuing horses. If you choose to adopt from them (which you should), rest assured that your horse will have been treated like family from the moment they arrived until the second you take them home."
    kym, tulsa, oklahoma
  • "A good cause for helpless animals who deserve to live out their lives in peace."

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