Choco – 13-y-o paint

Choco - 13-year-old overo paint ADOPTED!

  • 14.3 hands
  • Dead broke
  • Gentle, calm, affectionate, respectful
  • Perfect
  • Excellent health
  • Excellent feet
  • Teeth floated January 2019
  • Stands for farrier, grooming
  • Easy to catch, halter and tack

We don’t understand any of it, but we really don’t understand this one. Choco was obviously very loved, because he’s so well broke and level headed. Nothing spooks or shakes him. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this horse. He’s perfect in every way.

Choco gets along well with other horses. He could not care less about pecking order. He just wants his human time, and to eat when it’s time to eat. He follows you around like a puppy, but stays out of your space.

Someone has to be missing this beautiful boy, because he was born to be a companion for life. We’re in no hurry to let this one go because he’s such a breeze to care for. The vet says he’s in excellent health, but that he’s likely never had dental care. He’s floated, and the vet recommends a checkup in about June or July.