Big, stout, broke to ride

Jake is a big ol’ quarter horse with an even bigger heart. Broke to ride at more than 17 hands, he needs an experienced, confident rider.

🔅13-year-old sorrel gelding.
🔅Good teeth.
🔅Big, stout, strong.
🔅16+ hands (more like 17).
🔆Sweet, smart and patient.
🔆Low man in herd.
🔆Broke to ride but out of practice.
🔆Headstrong, so he requires an experienced, confident leader.
🔆Adopter must provide proof of experience, proof of prior long-term horse ownership, and vet references (vet references are good enough to prove ownership).

Trial adoption available to adopters within 30 miles of Coweta: $300 deposit, non-refundable after first week. Take full responsibility for him for 30 days, including veterinary care. If, at the end of 30 days, you want to continue with your adoption, pay the remaining $350 and keep Jake!

We’re adopting Jake out at just above meat price so he can’t be flipped for a profit.

If, after reading our adoption contract, you are interested in adopting, fostering or leasing Jake, contact us here.