At Swingin’ D Horse Rescue, we’re committed to saving horses from neglectful or abusive situations that force them into the slaughter pipeline. We nurse them back to health, then adopt them to responsible owners who commit to making their horse(s) the center of their world, and protecting them forever. We love horses and believe they deserve a life of usefulness and service where they’re productive, cherished and pampered. Be sure to bookmark our website so you can keep up with updates about our horses and our rescue operation. There’s much more to come!


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Shortly after we gave each other these magnificent Christmas gifts, we learned about the tragedy of American horses – like Bo and Aubrey – sold dirt cheap at auction so people in other countries can slap them between two pieces of bread and eat them. We want every horse to feel loved and valued – like Bo and Aubrey. Our love for them is the reason we rescue horses from slaughter.


TAMI DANNY.pngSwingin’ D was founded by a former Miss Oklahoma and television news anchor and her police detective husband. We learned about the horrors of horse slaughter through social media, and began bailing horses from kill lots through Facebook brokers. We also advocate for responsible horse ownership, and we’re committed to exposing criminals in the rescue industry who prey on innocent victims and harm horses.



Tami Marler earned her MBA from the University of Tulsa. She was Miss Oklahoma in 1989 and won a talent award and placed in the top 10 at the 1990 Miss America Pageant.

After her pageant days, Tami won numerous awards as an investigative journalist for the Tulsa CBS affiliate where she anchored the news for over a decade. Tami has also run several companies and departments.



Danny Elliott is a detective with the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Department, where he solves major crimes and protects the public. One of his murder cases was recently featured on an episode of ID Channel’s Swamp Murders, which also featured an appearance from Tami Marler, Danny’s wife and a former journalist who reported on the case.

Danny also has years of experience in mortgage banking.


Swingin’ D Horse Rescue offers limited boarding and local transportation services that puts the horses’ well being at the heart of everything we do. We provide nutritional grain to suit each individual horse’s body type, age and activity level. We have rich pastures where healthy horses can graze throughout the day, and a dry lot for easy keepers prone to founder or digestive issues.

Boarding Services

Boarding Level Description Monthly Price
Boarding Level I Pasture with herd, grain once a day 200
Boarding Level II Level I + de-wormer + farrier setup 285
Boarding Level III Level II + we pay farrier 300
Boarding Level IV Level I + extra feeding + de-wormer 325
Quarantine Custom feed, meds, de-worm, vet, vaccines, farrier 400