Mid Teens, Classic Egyptian Arabian Gelding

Because Chance is fit for light riding, his adoption fee is discounted to $500

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Experienced, Gentle, Calm and Quiet

  • Mid teens Arabian Gelding
  • Perfect size at 15 hands
  • Well broke to ride
  • Very calm, level-headed and smart
  • Stands for farrier, vet, grooming or whatever else you ask
  • Defers to alpha horse
  • Easy to catch, halter and tack
  • Soft in the face, easy to handle

Chance is one of those unfortunate horses that gave his all to his humans, then got injured and dumped on a kill lot. Somewhere along the way, he was popped in the right hock, causing damage that was not properly treated. The result is a wad of scar tissue that causes his suspensory ligament to pop when he walks. According to the vet, the old injury does not cause him pain. He has learned to adapt. When his quarantine is complete and after he has put on a sufficient amount of weight, we will evaluate him to determine his level of experience.

In addition to Chance’s hock injury, he appears to have a suspensory ligament disorder that will likely get worse over time. Again, the vet says Chance is not in pain, but he should be closely monitored. 

At the kill pen, video showed Chance limping around in what appeared to be serious pain. We feared we were going to have to euthanize him as soon as he arrived at Swingin’ D. Instead, we took him straight to the vet and followed her advice.

Chance’s condition improves every day. In April, the vet cleared him for light riding. The vet said that his ligaments will continue to deteriorate, but that he’s not currently in pain, and as long as he receives joint supplements and a healthy diet, he should lead a comfortable, productive life.

Whoever adopts Chance will get a well-trained, well-behaved, gentle and calm companion to love for many years to come.