Horses and Shoes

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3 horses=30 means 1 horse=10

1 horse (10) and 2 pairs of horseshoes=18, so 2 pairs (0r 4 horseshoes)=2 per horseshoe

2 horseshoes (4)-1 pair of boots=2, so 1 per boot

1 + (10 x 2 )= 21!

Horse Welfare Factoid

Horses can live well into their 30s; however, many horses live well beyond the average age. The oldest horse on record was more than twice the average age at 67. Old Billy was born in Woolston, UK in 1760 and lived until 1822.

He’s just one of many horses that shattered equine age limits.

Shayne, an Irish draft horse, lived to be 51 when he was humanely euthanized in 2013 when he was no longer able to move due to arthritis. Orchid, a thoroughbred-Arabian mix, was right behind Shayne when she succumbed to colic in 2015 at the age of 50. Both Shayne and Orchid lived and died at the same horse rescue!


In 2007, Guinness Book of World Records certified identical Cremello twins, born in 1982, as the oldest twin horses on record.Β Taff and Griff,Β each standing 11.2-hands, served most of their lives carrying squealing kids on their backs at the London Zoo before retiring to the Veteran Horse Society rescue in the North Pembrokeshire, UK.

They’ve lived together their entire lives; and thanks to an equine rescue, they’ll die together as well.

Plan for their whole lives

Too many horses end up in foreign slaughterhouses because their owners fail to plan for their horse’s whole life.

The vast majority of new owners – 85 percent – give up on their horses after just 5 years. If Billy’s owners gave up on him at that rate, he would have died in the hands of his 14th owner. Or he never would have made it to the age of 67 because, chances are, one of his owners would have sold him to a kill buyer for $250.

When you buy or adopt a horse, you take on the responsibility of another living being that may very well outlive you. Do you have a plan for your horse’s whole life?

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