How would you solve the grain problem?

Give your brain a jolt!

Swingin’ D Horse Rescue knows our horse-loving friends work hard all day. Every once in a while, it helps to put your mind on something less stressful. We hope you enjoy our Brain Breaks!

Dump grain from the 2nd bin into the 5th bin. You’ve only touched one basket, and every-other basket is full!

Horse Welfare Factoid

The cost of boarding, feeding and caring for a horse starts at about $2,400 a year. According to the Humane Society, many horses end up at auction, and, ultimately, in foreign slaughterhouses, because their owners didn’t understand the responsibility, cost, or time involved in caring for them.

“The winter months are particularly bad for neglected horses because they are not able to graze on pasture and may not be fed adequate amounts of hay in its place,” said HSUS. “These horses are often shipped to auction for sale to the killers.”

Here at Swingin’ D Horse Rescue, we see an increase in horses needing homes in winter months, and an increase in people seeking to adopt as temperatures rise and pastures green.ย 

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