With Winston, the memes write themselves

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Saved from Slaughter

Winston is a walking meme machine

We’ve all seen those touching stories about horses that were saved from the brink of slaughter, then became some huge phenomenon that shattered records and changed the world.

That’s Winston. Mark my words.

He was only 9 months old when some irresponsible breeder sent him to slaughter along with another little stallion his same age and size.

Most horse shoppers are looking for a dead-broke, 14.3-hand babysitter gelding with a calm demeanor and a side of cheesy fries – not some skinny, sickly, wild, never-handled baby. So we we and another rescue were the babies’ last hope.

Fast forward two years, and Winston is on the cusp of becoming one of those rags-to-riches miracle stories. He just needs an adopter to take him the rest of the way.