Shelter Chores Team

Shelter Chores Team

Providing quality care for the horses we save from slaughter is a huge undertaking. The more generous volunteers we have, the better care we can provide.

Our Shelter Chore Team performs essential tasks that ensure our horses receive the attention and care they deserve. Volunteers who contribute to the Shelter Chore Team get to interact with the horses, learning about quality horse care, and developing horse-handling skills.

Each day, Shelter Chore Volunteers perform a variety of chores, including:

  • Feeding and watering horses and checking troughs
  • Leading and grooming horses
  • Cleaning the barn, stalls, paddocks, shelters and walkways

To be a member of the Shelter Chore Team, volunteers must undergo SDHR orientation and shelter chore certification. If you’re interested in becoming a Shelter Chore Team member, fill out the form below.

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