A time for everything

There is a time for everything under the heavens. Today, as we watched The Ghosts leave for their new home, we felt all the feelings at once.

We do NOT sell horses

If everyone could own a horse, the world would be a much happier place. But we’ve seen firsthand, not everyone should own a horse. That’s why we never sell them.

Swingin’ D: “Source of financial gain” for owners?


Rolling in the… There are people who make a comfortable living in the horse rescue industry. They collect enough donations to pay substantial salaries, buy expensive vehicles, and provide perks that many people can only imagine. Horse rescue is a noble venture that takes back-breaking effort; so, good for them for figuring out how to […]

One horse, two very different futures


Kancia’s story begins the same as nearly all the horses Swingin’ D Horse Rescue takes in: We didn’t have the space or the money, so when Susan called looking for a place for an older mare she’d intercepted from going to auction, I had to turn her away. Looks are deceiving I told myself the […]

The Perfect Horse


What could I have ever done
To earn the fate I’m dealt?
The violent death of butcher’s gun
All promise forever squelched

Dueling Divas – Meet Mazi and Ani


https://swingindhorserescue.com/ani-and-mazi-short-mp4/We saved Anastasia and Mazi from slaughter on the same day in March 2019. We paid for Mazi to go through 30 days of quarantine somewhere else while Ani went through quarantine at Swingin’ D Horse Rescue. We went from believing we’d have to immediately euthanize Ani because she was so lame and in pain from […]

“Free to a Good Home”

Look at that face. Those eyes. Have you ever seen a more beautiful creature? You’ve waited for what seems like forever for this very horse – you just know it. And she’s FREE! You can’t wait to get her home to your one-acre pasture with no shelter, no fresh water source, no tack, unsafe fencing, […]

Mazi deserves a BFF

Are you looking for a best friend forever to share your joys and sorrows, triumphs and trials, or just to shoot the breeze on a crisp fall day? Then Mazi is the girl for you! When Swingin’ D Horse Rescue saved Mazi from slaughter in March, she was too thin to ride for several months. […]

What if your husband dumped you with a serial killer?


You broke your hand while baking a cake for your husband but you didn’t have the money to fix it. Your husband doesn’t want to deal with you whining and crying about how much your hand hurts. And who’s gonna bake his cakes with you all mashed up and bawling? He goes out and finds a […]

9 Steps to Winterizing Your Horse

It seems like only last week I was whining and crying about the heat and humidity. (That’s probably because it was only last week I was whining and crying about the heat and humidity.) So how could we already be talking about prepping your horse for winter? Because the further ahead you plan, the more […]