Dueling Divas – Meet Mazi and Ani

We saved Anastasia and Mazi from slaughter on the same day in March 2019.
We paid for Mazi to go through 30 days of quarantine somewhere else while Ani went through quarantine at Swingin’ D Horse Rescue. We went from believing we’d have to immediately euthanize Ani because she was so lame and in pain from chronic laminitis, to rehabilitating her and developing a plan to keep her alive and healthy. 
By the time Mazi came to the ‘D, she was too thin and frail to ride, so her rehabilitation stretched far beyond the planned 30 days. She needed months to put on enough weight to be evaluated and trained.
Because Ani and Mazi have totally different needs, feeding schedules and diets, they’ve always been with other horses. Because Ani has to be on a dry lot, she was mostly by herself. That is, until we unexpectedly had to re-rescue three horses when their Happily Ever After turned out to be briefer than we’d hoped.
We needed to make room; and Mazi drives the boys in the herd bananas, so we couldn’t put her with them. We reluctantly put Mazi with Ani. At first, they weren’t impressed with each other. Ani saw Mazi as an impediment to her feeding time and Mazi thought she should be able to be the Queen Diva.
Now they’re the best of friends and can’t stand to be apart. They still don’t really act like they like each other, but if we try to move one of them to another pen, they let us know it’s not gonna work.
Mazi is a spunky, incredibly smart Arabian mare. She’s well trained and learns quickly. Just under 14 hands, she’ll need to go to a smaller intermediate rider.
Anastasia is nearly 16 hands and stout. Also very well trained and gentle, Ani will be appropriate for a rider with any skill level; however, she may only be cleared for light riding.
Both girls are absolutely delightful companions – full of personality and charm. They’re such little girlfriends! They absolutely love being BFFs with each other and with their humans.