We knew he was special

Every story begins the same at Swingin’ D Horse Rescue: We didn’t have room, but Choco was in danger of shipping to slaughter, so we found a way.


Little did he know, Swingin’ D specializes in repairing broken souls, and it wasn’t long before Choco was trusting and loving again.

Most of our stories also begin with a painfully skinny, parasite-riddled horse with a damaged spirit and a world of sadness behind him.

You could almost see the sadness in Choco’s beautiful hazel eyes.


Everyone fell in love with the chocolate overo with the hazel eyes and quiet spirit; especially Catherine and David – a horse-loving couple that rides with the United States Marshals’ Posse. They’d come to meet several other horses when we walked past Choco’s quarantine pen.

The mutual attraction was immediate and complete, and Choco was on his way to Happily Ever After.

Catherine and David have provided a beautiful home for Choco, and we’re so grateful they continue to include us in his many successes.

Choco's Happily Ever After

"His love is tangible. We adore him - as does everyone who meets him."


Here are Catherine and Choco all dressed up for the Oklahoma City Stockyards Christmas parade this weekend!

Catherine beamed with pride after the parade, texting photos and sharing their exciting experience.

“Honestly, he is the best,” said Catherine. “His love is tangible…. we adore him – as does everyone who meets him.”

She said during the parade on Saturday, Choco marched along with the posse like a champ between massive fire trucks and longhorn cattle. He’s becoming a pro at public events, even building a fan club of his own.

“Twice some spectators called out, asking his name! I’ve never had that before!” Catherine exclaimed with utter pride.

I’m telling u, Tami, Choco picked his head, did like a Bon Jovi head swing.. like he was saying, ‘Yes. That’s me!'”

We knew Choco was special; but in fairness, we see something special in every horse we rescue from hell. Our goal is for every story to end like Choco’s – with adoring adopters who help them reach their fullest potential, and who love them the way Catherine clearly loves Choco.

“He is everything and more.. Just love him!”

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