Straight from your horse’s mouth

One simple step could mean all the difference in your horse’s health, body condition and fitness to ride. And they can’t take the step without you.

Did you know horses’ teeth grow throughout their lives? That’s where the term, “Long in the tooth,” comes from. As horses age, their teeth grow longer, and some develop points and jags that manifest in a number of signs and symptoms:

  • Is your horse losing weight, even though you haven’t changed his feeding?
  • Is your horse suddenly fighting the bit?
  • Does your horse leave more grain on the ground than she gets in her mouth?
  • Does your horse take longer to eat than he used to? Or longer than your other horses?
  • Does your horse store goodies in his cheeks like a hamster?
  • Does your horse tilt or toss her head while eating or riding?
  • Have you noticed undigested food in your horse’s manure?

All of the above issues can be caused by poor dental health.

Horses should have annual dental checkups – just like humans! Some horses require floating – where your vet or dental expert grinds and files their teeth to ensure a smooth surface and balanced bite.

Here at Swingin’ D Horse Rescue, the dental check-up and float is just one responsibility we cover before offering horses for adoption. We also pay for vaccines, hoof evaluation and treatment, overall evaluation, deworming, dietary plan, as well as any veterinary care throughout the rehabilitation process.

When an adopter receives a Swingin’ D horse, we provide them with a complete health record, including our vet’s and farrier’s contact information, and all the information they’ll need to be responsible adopters. We’ve also saved them hundreds of dollars and ensured their adoption is off on the right foot.

Swingin’ D Horse Rescue pays $100-$150 per year, per horse for dental care alone – which adds up to about $2,000 for all the horses we save! And dental care is just one small facet of responsible horse ownership.

If you’re thinking about buying or adopting a horse, be sure you understand all the expenses you’ll encounter – especially in the first year. Routine care on an average horse can cost $2,400 or more per year – not to mention the expense of tack, buckets, scoops, troughs, transport, and all the other essentials you’ll need before you ever get the horse home.

It’s a responsible owner’s duty to ensure your horse’s mouth is in top shape, so he’s comfortable, healthy and able to start the digestion process.

You can help Swingin’ D Horse Rescue in our mission to end horse slaughter by ensuring every owner is a responsible owner. All donations are tax deductible, and 100 percent of your money goes directly to our horses.