It’s not just about slaughter

Like Pedophiles to a Preschool...

Welcome to the Slaughter Pipeline

The slaughter pipeline presents myriad opportunities for horses to be abused and neglected by money-grubbing haulers, hubs, quarantines, trainers and others who prey on kill pen rescuers, then abuse and neglect the horses they’re paid to care for. Horses escape the kill pen, only to be thrust into a far worse hell than slaughter. The slaughter pipeline is not just slaughter. It’s much worse.

Some of the worst cases of abuse and neglect we’ve seen were not cause by kill buyers, but by people who get away with calling themselves rescuers. No matter what these criminals do to harm animals, or how many people band together to bring them to justice, they continue to exploit and abuse horses with impunity. They’re protected by cult-like fan clubs comprised mostly of passionate new rescuers (or pre-victims) – the beneficiaries of the cheap services they offer out of the goodness of their “horse angel” hearts.

The slaughter pipeline is rife with these horse angels, who slowly kill countless horses after they’ve been rescued from everyone’s favorite villain – the kill buyer.

The harsh reality is, animal abusers are drawn to the slaughter pipeline like pedophiles to a preschool. Why? Because they know they can get away with it.

"Not my problem"

Anyone who’s ever been idealistic (or foolish) enough to report these faux horse angels know all too well the conversation, which goes a little like this:

"I want to report a case of animal abuse"
"I'm in Montana. I paid a woman in Arkansas to take care of my horse, but when I went to pick it up, it was nearly starved to death."
Multi-jurisdictional conflict
"The kill pen is in ABC County. The hauler/hub is in XYZ County. You wrote the check in Montana. You'll need to call all those jurisdictions. Good luck."
"Can you check on the other horses?"
"My horse is safe in Montana, but I'm worried about the 23 other horses."
"We went and checked it out"
"The woman said your horse lost weight because it has strangles. There's a reason all those horses go to slaughter, you know."
"The horse doesn't have strangles"
"She never told me my horse had strangles. All those skinny horses are in the same pen. Do they all have strangles? My vet says the horse never had strangles. It was just never fed."
"Civil issue"
"Do you have a contract? Because you're talking about so many jurisdictions, you should file a small claims lawsuit. This is more of a civil issue."
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It’s not the fault of law enforcement. It should be no big surprise that criminals take advantage of loopholes and gaps in the law. The interstate nature of horse slaughter, rescue and rehabilitation makes the slaughter pipeline a magnet for bad actors, and provides just one more reason for the U.S. to cut off all the little tentacles that feed foreign horse slaughter.

Why should American’s care about feeding wealthy diners in other countries? We shouldn’t. And most of us don’t.

Urge your members of Congress to finally pass the SAFE Act, to outlaw horse slaughter, once and for all.