Proof that prayer works


God proved He’s listening once again, this time answering prayers for Anastasia, a beautiful horse we saved from slaughter 18 months ago. Notice the title of this blog didn’t pose the question, “Does prayer work?” That ship sailed for me years ago. Baffled recently by several consecutive days of Anastasia‘s miraculous healing, where she didn’t […]

A time for everything

There is a time for everything under the heavens. Today, as we watched The Ghosts leave for their new home, we felt all the feelings at once.


SHARE: With the nation on lockdown amid a global pandemic, horse slaughter is on hold. Here’s how we can end it forever.

Ani’s road to Happily Ever After

After a year and approximately $9,000, Anastasia has journeyed from slaughter to sanctuary… and Happily Ever After is closer than ever. Generous donors saved the stunning registered Missouri Fox Trotter from an Oklahoma kill pen in March 2019 and asked if Swingin’ D Horse Rescue could provide sanctuary. She was so profoundly lame, we were […]

Dear President Trump: Protect America’s Horses

Dear President Trump: Congratulations on your successes in your first term as President of the United States, including Phase One of the trade deal with China; though I respectfully request that you re-visit a section I can only pray was an oversight. Much has transpired since last we met. I was Miss Oklahoma, competing in […]

What would you do?

What would you do if you saw this horse as you scurried about your busy day? Shake your head and drive on by? Say a silent prayer? Curse his owners under your breath? Break in and remove him? Throw him some food? We get contacted by citizens concerned about horses like this all the time. […]

Lipstick on the pig of horse slaughter

If I needed people to defend an indefensible position, I’d find a way to make it look morally acceptable. To help my soul wrestle with the cognitive dissonance, I’d slap a heap of lipstick on that pig. As a public relations professional who helps organizations restore their reputations, I know a little something about framing […]

China trade deal threatens American horses

Phase One of President Donald Trump’s trade deal with China threatens to open the gates of hell for America’s horses, with the reemergence of U.S. slaughterhouses.