Anastasia’s latest twist

New diagnosis may be the key to everything Swingin’ D Horse Rescue has some good news and some bad news about our precious Anastasia. The latest twist in the Missouri Fox Trotter’s long and painful journey may wind up being the answer to all our questions. Donors saved Ani from slaughter 17 months ago. She […]

Ani’s road to Happily Ever After

After a year and approximately $9,000, Anastasia has journeyed from slaughter to sanctuary… and Happily Ever After is closer than ever. Generous donors saved the stunning registered Missouri Fox Trotter from an Oklahoma kill pen in March 2019 and asked if Swingin’ D Horse Rescue could provide sanctuary. She was so profoundly lame, we were […]

The heaven of laminits remission

"" Okay, before we get started, stop what you’re doing and knock on wood. At the risk of sending Anastasia into a spiral of pain and me into a frenzy of panic and desperation, I’ve been asked to share what we’re doing to keep our little angel’s chronic laminitis at bay. Let’s hope this doesn’t […]