The Hoof – Your Horse’s Foundation

Did You Know? Horses’ feet grow constantly, so it’s up to responsible owners to have them examined and trimmed every 4-8 weeks. “Why don’t horses in the wild need to have their feet trimmed?” Wild horses are constantly on the move looking for grass and water. Their feet encounter rocks and rough terrain, which keeps their […]

Anastasia’s latest twist

New diagnosis may be the key to everything Swingin’ D Horse Rescue has some good news and some bad news about our precious Anastasia. The latest twist in the Missouri Fox Trotter’s long and painful journey may wind up being the answer to all our questions. Donors saved Ani from slaughter 17 months ago. She […]

Proof that prayer works


God proved He’s listening once again, this time answering prayers for Anastasia, a beautiful horse we saved from slaughter 18 months ago. Notice the title of this blog didn’t pose the question, “Does prayer work?” That ship sailed for me years ago. Baffled recently by several consecutive days of Anastasia‘s miraculous healing, where she didn’t […]

Ani’s road to Happily Ever After

After a year and approximately $9,000, Anastasia has journeyed from slaughter to sanctuary… and Happily Ever After is closer than ever. Generous donors saved the stunning registered Missouri Fox Trotter from an Oklahoma kill pen in March 2019 and asked if Swingin’ D Horse Rescue could provide sanctuary. She was so profoundly lame, we were […]

Kancia’s story will save lives

Hard knocks can be useful when we learn from them, and some lessons can only be learned through hard knocks. Half of Swingin’ D Horse Rescue’s mission is to save at-risk horses and place them in forever homes; the other half is to share those horses’ stories as teachable moments to promote responsible horse ownership. […]

The heaven of laminits remission

"" Okay, before we get started, stop what you’re doing and knock on wood. At the risk of sending Anastasia into a spiral of pain and me into a frenzy of panic and desperation, I’ve been asked to share what we’re doing to keep our little angel’s chronic laminitis at bay. Let’s hope this doesn’t […]

Baby needs a new pair of shoes

The one certainty in my life seems to be that when it rains, it is damn sure gonna pour. That point was most recently hammered home when – after months of peace, quiet and comfort for Anastasia – the gorgeous Missouri Fox Trotter greeted me for breakfast with a painful hobble instead of her typical […]

What if your husband dumped you with a serial killer?


You broke your hand while baking a cake for your husband but you didn’t have the money to fix it. Your husband doesn’t want to deal with you whining and crying about how much your hand hurts. And who’s gonna bake his cakes with you all mashed up and bawling? He goes out and finds a […]

9 Steps to Winterizing Your Horse

It seems like only last week I was whining and crying about the heat and humidity. (That’s probably because it was only last week I was whining and crying about the heat and humidity.) So how could we already be talking about prepping your horse for winter? Because the further ahead you plan, the more […]