“Free to a Good Home”

Look at that face. Those eyes. Have you ever seen a more beautiful creature? You’ve waited for what seems like forever for this very horse – you just know it. And she’s FREE! You can’t wait to get her home to your one-acre pasture with no shelter, no fresh water source, no tack, unsafe fencing, […]

Mazi deserves a BFF

Are you looking for a best friend forever to share your joys and sorrows, triumphs and trials, or just to shoot the breeze on a crisp fall day? Then Mazi is the girl for you! When Swingin’ D Horse Rescue saved Mazi from slaughter in March, she was too thin to ride for several months. […]

What if your husband dumped you with a serial killer?


You broke your hand while baking a cake for your husband but you didn’t have the money to fix it. Your husband doesn’t want to deal with you whining and crying about how much your hand hurts. And who’s gonna bake his cakes with you all mashed up and bawling? He goes out and finds a […]

Give a Horse Shelter from the Cold


As much as I love fall in Oklahoma, I also dread this time of year because I know what it means for unwanted horses. Kill pens fill up with summer camp horses that served their purpose, as well as with laminitic horses that gorged themselves on the sweet grass of a hot summer and early […]

Foster Families Desperately Needed

Foster Families Desperately Needed Help unwanted horses while deciding if you’re ready for the Full Monty By TAMI MARLER, MBA Anyone who follows Swingin’ D Horse Rescue knows I have a hard time letting our horses go. If you saw the transformative care and love our horses receive, you’d understand why. You’d also understand why […]

Why we require adoption contracts

Intentions don’t protect horses We want to give people the benefit of the doubt. We want to believe the words people tell us. But when the lives of precious creatures rely on our judgment, we need more than promises and good intentions. Swingin’ D Horse Rescue is here for horses – period. The benefits we […]

There has to be something wrong with this horse


We hear it every time a prospective adopter comes to meet our horses: “How did this horse end up on a kill lot?” We know they’re not asking what the horse did to deserve slaughter, because that’s not even possible. But how could such a seemingly sound and well-behaved horse get condemned to slaughter? It’s […]

Adopt Chance – perfect for any rider

https://swingindhorserescue.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/09122019-ADOPTCHANCE.mp4 The more time I spend with Chance, the more content I am to just keep him around forever. He’s such a sweet, funny horse – curious and fascinated by his humans. Anything I’m doing is the most interesting thing Chancey can imagine, so he’s happy to be right by my side.  When we first […]

Is Ella your soul horse?


https://videos.files.wordpress.com/nMNDsfnN/09122019-adopt-ella-1_hd.mp4 They say that when the right one comes along, you just know. Maybe you’ve been searching for the perfect horse – well trained and well mannered; easy to catch, halter and tack; un-spookable; listens and learns. If your idea of perfection is a horse with the kind of calm, “been there, done that” attitude […]

Adopt a spark plug with potential gallore!


Adopt Mazi – 5-8-year-old Arabian mare https://swingindhorserescue.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/09122019-ADOPT-MAZI.mp4 A few things you need to know about Miss Mazi Bug: She’s a horse She’s a mare She’s cute as a li’l bug in a rug Once you fully understand those three points, you’ll have a pretty good picture of our little bug. While she acts like a […]