Our Horses

The horses we save from slaughter are available for adoption after a minimum 30-day quarantine and evaluation. Adopters are required to sign a contract that guarantees quality care, safe keeping and use, and that the horse never again enters the slaughter pipeline.

Making a Difference

Swingin' D Horse Rescue Impact: Since our inception, we have saved the lives of  a dozen horses whose slaughter in a Mexican slaughterhouse was certain. We have given these horses nourishment in a peaceful environment and, when possible, adopted them to owners who sign contracts binding them to responsible ownership - guaranteeing the horse never again enters the slaughter pipeline.

Horse Haven

Our horses graze on 12 acres of verdant pasture and romp on a pond beach by day. Those that need it receive a daily grain supplement suitable for their health needs. They receive plenty of fresh water and access to shelter in inclement weather.


We schedule pedicures every 6 to eight weeks in order to ensure our horses' hooves are in tip top shape. Proper hoof health is essential to preventing lameness - a leading cause of horses ending up on kill lots. All of our horses are barefoot. Each horse costs $35 to trim.

Available for Adoption

We pamper our horses for a minimum of 30 days after we rescue them from slaughter to ensure they're not infected with anything that could harm other horses. They're available for adoption after their quarantine.

Please look carefully over the contract so you fully comprehend the commitment you're about to make. If you board your horse with us for the first month and agree to riding lessons, we'll deduct the price of lessons and board from the adoption fee.

Please note: No matter who tells you a horse is fit for children, assume and believe nothing. We only know what we're told about the horses we rescue, and we'll share our own observations; but we highly recommend you invest in a professional trainer for at least two weeks after you adopt.

Please also note: WE DO NOT HOLD HORSES. Whichever approved responsible owner hands in the adoption contract with the full adoption fee first gets the horse.

Winston - Gelding Yearling

Rescued June 2017
If you're looking for non-stop laughter and entertainment, Mr. Personality is the baby for you! This lightning-fast, uniquely-colored champagne gaited gelding is off to a great start. He's halter broke and excelling in ground work, though he's as curious as a toddler in his Terrible Twos. He's social, super easy to catch and halter, follows you like a loyal puppy and loves being your BFF. Winston is 14 hands and growing. He's gentle, playful and hilarious. You can't put a price on joy!

Adoption fee: $700

Priscilla - Gaited Mare

Rescued October 20, 2017
Quarantine complete November 26
This stunning gaited retired harness racer gave 19 years of her life serving humans. Their plan for her was a horrific journey to a Mexican slaughter house. We have a different plan.

Dead broke to ride and drive, this big beautiful girl (16 hands) rides smooth as silk and does whatever you ask.

Horses can live well into their 30s if they receive proper care and feeding. A mature horse like MacKenzie might be an excellent first horse for a new rider - especially one that needs a smooth ride.

Adoption fee: $875

Caesar - 8-year-old Trail MFT

Purchased November 9, 2017
Gorgeous Caesar just relocated to Oklahoma from New Mexico where he gained experience as a trail and outfitting horse. This Missouri Fox Trotter has a smooth-as-silk gait and a giant motor that's always set on "Let's Go!" Not afraid of water, logs or rocks. Spooks at nothing.

Gentle, social, affectionate, very smart, plenty of personality!

Caesar was not a rescue, so we're comfortable he came from a positive environment where he picked up no bad habits. We took him in on a trade for a mule team that we did rescue.

Caesar has a lot of fire and speed, so we prefer he go to an experience rider.

$1,725 adoption fee

Harry - Dead Broke Gelding

Harry's owners fell upon hard financial times and asked us to find him a safe and loving home. While we can't guarantee any horse, we can tell you that Harry is coming from a family where young children regularly rode him. In the video below, the 20+-year-old gelding shows he's not afraid to get up and go when asked. He's been there, done that, which means he fears nothing and goes where you lead. He has excellent ground manners, neck reins, stands tied, lifts all feet, and loads and rides like a champ. Harry was malnourished when he came to us but we've spent a lot of time and money putting weight on him and vetting him. He's current on de-worming and vaccines.
20 years old
15.3-16 hands

Adoption fee $650

Cyrus - 15-year-old Gelding

Rescued November 7, 2017
Quarantine complete December 7
We'll never understand the mindset of someone who can put a faithful servant in the torturous equine slaughter pipeline, but that's what happened to this amazing bay gelding. 

Cyrus can do absolutely anything, as this video shows. Not only does he stand for the farrier, he offers you his feet! He's calm, gentle, extremely well trained to go where you tell him to go. Backs up, goes, speeds up and slows down on voice command. Neck reins, turns and stops on a dime.

This is one AMAZING horse.

Adoption fee: $950

Moses - Dead Broke Trail MFT

Not a rescue, traded for mule team
Moses is a dead broke trail horse that's been there, done that multiple times. He'll do whatever he's told, can carry riders of all levels, and fears nothing.

Moses has years of experience as a trail horse in the mountains of New Mexico. A Missouri Fox Trotter, Moses' gait is as smooth as silk. He spent the last few years carrying children, so his owner says he's kid safe. He stands tied, lifts all feet without issue and neck reins. He crosses water and obstacles like an old pro (because he is one).

Moses has been with the same owners for the last several years. They say he's 17 years old but the vet says he's more like 25. He will only go to a family that plans to keep him forever.

Adoption fee: $875

Adoption Agreement Highlights

Adoption Fee

No one gets a horse for less than horse meat price
Per Horse

Foster Option

Apply monthly foster payments towards purchase

No Breeding Clause

Accidental breeding results in a donation to rescue

Transfer of Ownership

Prevents our horses from entering the slaughter pipeline

Standards of Care

Minimum care requirements, including feed, shelter & vet

Reservation of Rights

Gives Swingin' D the right to monitor the adoption

Attorney Fees

Adopters responsible for costs from legal action


Holds Swingin' D harmless in the case of injury or illness

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