Every penny of what we sell in our online store goes toward our horses. We come up with the designs and order from the least-expensive suppliers (without sacrificing quality) to give you great value for your dollar. No one at Swingin’ D makes a salary. We run on 100-percent volunteer power, with more than 90 percent of our funding coming from members of the board. When you buy from Swingin’ D, you help us improve the quality of the already supreme quality care our horses enjoy. 

You are beautiful – inside and out. You’re constantly striving to improve yourself and the world around you. You feed your spirit through your compassion and kindness. What if our quest for improvement – personal and professional – could help save the lives of the horses we love so much? 100% of the profits of Beauty to the Rescue go toward Swingin’ D Horse Rescue‘s mission to save horses from slaughter and find their Happily Ever After with their Soul Human.

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About us

Swingin’ D Horse Rescue is a 501(c)3 private foundation that saves horses from the slaughter pipeline, nurses them back to health, evaluates and trains them, then matches them with responsible adopters. We advocate for responsible horse ownership through educational materials, training sessions and social  media.


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