501c3 Website Design

$200 Website Design* for 501c3 Rescues

In today’s speed-of-now technology, a website is as important as a cellphone or business card. It’s how prospective volunteers and donors find your horse rescue. Our Beauty to the Rescue program is designed to support horse rescues through merchandising and digital marketing.

This website is the template for the basic website we’re offering for $200. Only rescues that can prove their current 501c3 status are eligible for this deal, but we also have great pricing for other equine organizations. Interested? Get started below!

Let's get started on your $200 website!

Other Great 501c3 Deals!

We can also help legitimate horse rescues with logo design and merchandising for fundraisers. Just send us a message if you’re interested in partnering with us to raise money for your rescue.

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