Beauty to the Rescue Survey

Beauty to the Rescue Nail RescueThank you for agreeing to participating in our online survey for Nail Rescue.

Nail Rescue is the first product of Beauty to the Rescue, a skincare line designed to cater to hardworking horsewomen, with proceeds going toward horse rescue and equine advocacy. We also have a durable moisturizer, an anti-wrinkle cream, a dry shampoo and lasting lip-staining balm in development.

Our products use organic, earth-friendly, horse-friendly ingredients that have been around for centuries. As much as possible, we use scents that are believed to soothe horses, such as chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon grass, citrus, peppermint and more.

When we release Nail Rescue and other products for sale, we plan to give deep discounts to 501C3 organizations that cater to horses, so that you may sell it and keep the profits to help support your operations.

Thank you again for helping us to get Nail Rescue ready to help those who help horses!

More about Beauty to the RescueBeauty to the Rescue is a line of health and beauty products specifically formulated for the hardworking horsewoman.